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OnĀ 12th October 2016, Minister for Trade and Industry (Industry) S.Iswaran launched the Precision Engineering Industry Transformation Map in Meiban Innovation Center.
Meiban Group is the first to embark on this journey, to digitalize its factory operations through what it calls the iSmart Factory project; factory of the future based on industry 4.0.
Our iSmart Factory is anchored on 3 pillars: Smart Technology Development, Human Centric Solutions and Talent Development.
iSmart Factory will see development in Smart Technology to support the various aspects of our operation. When we talk about Smart, we are saying that our whole systems will be linked, and has the ability not only to communicate to one another but also the ability to visualize, analyze and predict trends and patterns. We will be looking at Smart planning, Smart production, Smart quality control, Smart logistics, and so on. For iSmart Factory to be effective, it must be Human Centric. We will focus on the user point of view, with ergonomic and human factor considerations. The human-machine interface becomes increasingly important, to drive productivity. It must be simple, intuitive and adaptive. In addition, iSmart Factory will focus on Talent Development. Meiban believes in our people being trained. Through our Meiban Learning Center and Teaching Factory, we intend to train and qualify our staff and others on the practical aspects of iSmart factory.