Meiban Team / Values


In Meiban, we believe in People Innovation. We believe that behind every successful company, is a motivated and driven team. Bonded by team spirit and loyalty to the company’s objectives, Meiban’s team seeks to achieve success for the company as well as for Meiban’s customers and partners. We believe in protecting our customers’ intellectual property and their product ideas, as keenly as if they are our own. We are passionate about our work and aim to create maximum values at the highest level of quality with the highest integrity. Leveraging on our people’s capability and innovative spirit, we stay committed to excellence and strive to be a leader in our field.

We recognize that care and communication is vital to our existence. We believe in openness and mutual trust in our relationships with our clients. Our clients can monitor our progress through our online project folders, a database made specifically accessible to our clients overcoming time zones, business hours and holidays. This guarantees an on-going two-way communication, ensuring that our clients are constantly informed.

Come and experience the Meiban culture and we hope that we can be inspired together with you, as our customers and partners, to create new dreams and products.