Currently, if you wish to convert your existing production to a sequential production, you have to buy an expensive package (hardware & software) to convert your existing machine or to invest in a new machine.

MAESTRO was developed to be used together with Sequential Mold Technology, without any of the above mentioned capital investment. With this combination, you are looking at higher capacity, less capital costs and lower piece part cost.

With MAESTRO, you can now convert your existing molding machines to sequential mode for a fraction of the cost needed to buy a new machine!

Advantages of Maestro

  • Saves you investment cost for a second injection molding machine.
  • Totally compatible with any maker of injection molding machine.
  • Designed with “convenience” in mind.
  • Increase output.
  • Longer cooling time possible for critical parts without sacrificing capacity.
  • Shorter barrel residence time for small shot parts.

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