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Innovative Additive Manufacturing (IAM)

Meiban’s iAM is an innovative technology that is a hybrid of laser deposition welding and milling in order to produce a part that has the highest surface quality and part precision, especially for parts with complex geometries. It is able to accommodate machining area for work pieces up to 500 x 500mm diameter and 400 mm in height. The part is built up layer by layer using laser with fine power.

Benefits of Meiban’s IAM Solutions

1. Ability to incorporate conformal cooling channels in complex geometries.

2. Ability to build up an object or component with two different materials of different properties.

3. Ability to “repair” an object or component with difficult and complex geometries.

4. Ability to “coat” an object or component for repair purposes and to enhance its resistance, for example better wear and corrosion resistance.

Application of industries

  • Aerospace
  • Batch Production
  • Clean Energy
  • Marine
  • Mold Making
  • Oil and Gas
  • Precision Engineering