Meiban Energy Services

Meiban Energy Services Pte Ltd was formed in 2010 to provide deep hole drilling, honing and machining services to all manufacturing and oilfield related companies.Our core competencies constitute deep hole drilling, long length honing, CNC / semi NC lathe machining, CNC milling, stress relief (non-thermal) and straightening operations. We have a skilled team of workforce with years of technical know-how in equipment manufacturing within the oilfield industry, giving us the added edge in manufacturing critical components in machine complete and turnkey options.Here at Meiban Energy Services Pte Ltd, we strive to be a one stop provider for our customers by investing in a wide array of new machines and accessories, as well as probably having the best machinists in the industry operating these equipments. We offer nothing short of the best in terms of convenience, resource reduction and top most quality to all our customers.

Our machining capabilities are as follow:

  • Deep Hole Drilling of 2″ – 11.5″ of length up to 30ft
  • Semi NC Lathe with 5m bed
  • CNC Lathe with Octagonal Turret (Front) and Hexagonal Turret (Rear) with 3m bed
  • Honing of Ø” – 12″ of length up to 30ft
  • 5 Axis Super Multi Tasking machine with 4m bed and big spindle bore of 10.4″
  • Hydraulic Press capable of straightening to an accuracy <0.020″ (material dependant)