Software Development


Software Development

Meiban has the capability to develop customized digital solutions for continuous business improvements: we can create user-friendly interface and support the changing needs of each customer. We employ data analysis and intelligence to facilitate, drive and support data driven decision at all levels.

Firmware – Enabling the hardware
Our firmware design enables your hardware to work efficiently and well as part of the full product design. Electronic and Firmware are designed concurrently, from the ground up to ensure interoperability.

We have experience in a range of microcontrollers (including Cortex M3/M4, ARM9/ARM11). These controllers runs under varies real-time operating systems and embedded Linux.

Our firmware is well structured meeting standards and different communication protocols.
Our portfolio includes medical, consumer and industrial solutions.

“Our software development capability is about passionately creating and building innovative solutions via full software development cycle in a variety of technology stacks.”

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