Contract Manufacturing


Contract Manufacturing


Meiban is proud to be your one stop solution provider for all your contract manufacturing needs. Our strengths lie in our high competence in NPI, Engineering Build Management, Product and System Compliance and Quality Management System. Meiban also offers you expertise in automated and semi-automated assembly processes and secondary finishings.

Meiban has dedicated cross-functional program management teams that work closely together and become a natural extension of your own team.

We assist our customers to prepare their engineering builds for mass production all the way to logistic management. Our aim is to produce high quality, cost-efficient finished goods, delivered to your designated retail channel.



Usability& Functional Testing

Manufacturing Implementation



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Usability & Functional Testing

Meiban is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and trained engineers for testing our customer's products to give the best quality assurance. 

Our factories have experience in acoustic testing, vibration testing, air leakage testing, impeller balancing testing, water proofing testing, accelerated wear and tear testing and others. We are able to design new testing processes and methods to meet our customers’ unique product specifications.

In addition, Meiban has iSmart systems that capture our testing results daily to ensure good quality with statistical process control.

Manufacturing Implementation

Meiban has the expertise to bring a new product idea into manufacturing. Our multi-disciplinary team comprising of mechanical, EE, design, and software engineers has years of experience in solving day-to-day plant-floor challenges, optimizing return-on-investment (ROI) capital and time-to-market.

We employ lean manufacturing methods to implement iSmart assembly processes into our manufacturing lines, with iSmart incoming quality control of our materials and outgoing quality control of our finishing goods. Our manufacturing process ends with iSmart logistics and supply chain network for products in various market and industries.






As a manufacturer serious about excellence in quality, we adopt the quality methodologies such as Control Charts, PDCA and Total Quality Management systems which uses Pareto Analysis, Fishbone and Cause and Effect diagrams.

Our Quality team members are also Six Sigma trained with black belt holders. Currently Meiban has an iSmart quality system that is paperless and gives data visualization and analysis of our projects for better quality management.