Design and Engineering


Design and Engineering


Through DesignersHive, an Award-winning R&D housed in Meiban, we offer the following design and consultancy services ranging from Industrial Design, Product Graphics & Interface, Product Packaging, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Visual Communications, Market Research & CAD preparation for manufacture.

Meiban has won prestigious international design awards since 2006 and is one of the top design companies in Singapore and with our manufacturing arm, you can be confident of your product competing in the marketplace.

Meiban works closely with our customers by going through design thinking methodology, adopting the best design solutions with ease of tooling, molding and assembly in mind.



3D Printing

Industrial Design

Mechanical Design

Electronics and Electrical Design

User Interface & Experience Design

Design for Manufacturing


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3D Printing & Prototype Tooling

Meiban’s usage of 3D printing plays an important part in the prototyping process. It also helps us to evaluate the design, form factor and ergonomics which leads us in further design refinement to push the design better.

Rapid prototyping is also available to assist the product development process and enable various tests under actual user conditions, pointing out necessary design changes. Through the use of 3D rapid prototyping and proto-tooling, parts can then be fully fabricated with more confidence and pave the way to manufacturing stage.


Industrial Design

We believe in User-Centred Design. The user is the ultimate customer of the proposed design. We employ user and behavioral study, design thinking methodology, market research tools before designing. Working closely with our customers, we determine the design and engineering parameters, to ensure we have the right and best solution in the market. Our industrial design team works closely with our ME and EE members to create the best design.

Our team is also adept in product graphics and packaging, graphic user interface, visual communication and new materials.

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Mechanical Design

Meiban has an inter-disciplinary team of mechanical design engineers that are well-versed in part design, DFMEA and DFM. Our engineers are also factory based and very well acquainted with assembly and manufacturing processes.

In Meiban we understand the importance of concurrent engineering working with other staff from different disciplines to tackle the challenges faced and translate them into cost-effective, highly manufacturable and user centred design. Such a methdology enables us to reduce the time required to bring a new product to market.




Electronics and Electrical Design

Meiban’s team of engineers assists in the development of new designs to optimize ease of manufacture and testing abilities. We want to ensure cost minimization and reduce product development cycle time. With in-house capability of PCB fabrication and assembly, our EE team bridges the gap between design and manufacture.

We begin with drafting out initial CAD designs and Gerber Schematics, and evaluate our designs through prototyping and testing, and in parallel we work with customers to ensure that our designs are optimized.


User Interface & Experience Design

Having a good user interface design and user experience design is important due to the excessive information we receive daily. Hence, we make our products easy to use, responsive and intuitive.

In Meiban, we developed our in-house apps that helps to ease and improves daily manufacturing operations. Our expertise in this UI/UX area includes:

- Content strategy & planning
- Information architecture & layout
- Visual design
- Usability testing
- Systems design


Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

From design to manufacturing, our team of engineers, through the process of DFM help reduce costs, number of parts, cycle time and make products easier to build and lower cost to assemble.

Design for Manufacturing, also includes factors such as material, form factor, dimensional tolerance and secondary processes like spray painting and texture finishing.

While doing DFM, our customers also engage our production team in DFA (Design for Assembly), so that the best and most wholistic design solution is selected for manufacture.