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Energy Services

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Our core competencies constitute deep hole drilling, long length honing, CNC / semi NC lathe machining, CNC milling, stress relief (non-thermal) and straightening operations. We have a skilled team of workforce with years of technical know-how in equipment manufacturing within the oilfield industry, giving us the added edge in manufacturing critical components in machine complete and turnkey options.

Our machining capabilities are as follow:

  • Deep Hole Drilling of 2” – 9” of length up to 30ft
  • Semi NC Lathe with 5m bed
  • CNC Lathe with Octagonal Turret (Front) and Hexagonal Turret (Rear) with 3m bed
  • Honing of ø2” – 9” of length up to 30ft
  • 5 Axis Super Multi Tasking machine with 4m bed and big spindle bore of 10.4”
  • Hydraulic Press (500 ton) capable of straightening to an accuracy <0.020” (material dependant)


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