Innovative Additive Manufacturing (IAM)


Meiban iAM is an innovative technology that is a hybrid of laser deposition welding and milling in order to produce a part that has the highest surface quality with precision, especially for parts with complex geometries. It is able to accommodate machining area for work pieces up to 500 x 500mm diameter and 400mm in height.

Target Industries:

  • Aerospace

  • Clean Energy
  • Marine

  • Oil and Gas
  • Precision Engineering


iAMKOOL Technology

Batch Production



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iAMKOOL Technology

iAMKool is our in-house patented technology that are essentially thermal channels that are specially fabricated on a mold using additive manufacturing. Such thermal channels exhibit improved thermal conductivity, improved uniform heating or cooling management and reduced mold cycle time. iAMKool technology gives a better cosmetic appearance to the plastic surface.


Batch Production

iAM technology is most effectively used for small volume production of complex geometry. Otherwise these parts will take a high cycle time in machining and also high wastage of material by subtractive manufacturing.

In iAM, only areas and surfaces that need to be built up will be built up via additive manufacturing and then machined down to its desired form factor, buffed and polished to the required surface finishing.

Besides industrial metal components or engineering parts, low volume batch production of jewelry and fashion accessories also applies.


iAM enables high customization of one-off prototypes in various industries.

Medical Prototypes and customized parts for unique human application such as tissue scaffolding, and reconstruction of bone structure and dental structure applies.

Engineering parts that have worn out via wear and tear in marine, aerospace and Oil and Gas industry can also be quickly reconstructed and made new via iAM technology.

In addition, if there is a need for engineering parts with different metal properties such as copper on stainless steel for conductivity function, iAM will be a good technology solution.