Injection Molding


Injection Molding


With more than 300 plastic molding machines ranging from 15 to 850 ton clamping force, we are able to ensure speedy cost-efficient production of quality plastic parts.

In all our molding facilities, we have a strong team of experienced injection molders to ensure smooth running of injection molding processes:

  • 2K & 3K molding

  • Gear molding

  • Over-molding

  • Insert molding

  • Thin wall molding

  • Thermoset Molding

  • Precision Molding

  • Cleanroom Medical Molding

  • Chemical Forming Molding

  • Multi Level Molding

  • Sequential Molding

Meiban’s capabilities go beyond injection molding. We also offer a large range of secondary processes to complement our injection molding as well as full box assembly.



2K /3K Molding


Cleanroom Medical Molding


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2K / 3K Molding

In Meiban we have the capability to mold different plastics material in 2K/3K molding. This capability is popular when design requires more functions within a single plastic part, in industries such as automotive, medical or consumer products.

2K/3K molding broadens the possible scope for creative design and versatility of function and application.


Thermoset Molding 

Meiban’s utilizes state of the art equipment for thermoset molding such as Bulk Moulding Compound (BMC) and Epoxy.

Thermoset engineering materials are used instead of thermoplastic materials because of their strength and their electrical and thermal insulation properties, making them ideal from electrical and electronics applications. We can mold thermoset parts with tight tolerances and high impact strength.

Cleanroom Medical Molding

Our highly skilled molding team in Meiban is ready to help you process and assemble any of your products in a cleanroom environment.

We have a 100K cleanroom and controlled environment for all your molding needs. In additional, our molding facilities include iSmart molding that collect real-time data that helps us to manage our production floor efficiently.