Meiban vision / Values


Meiban Vision


At Meiban, we want to enrich peoples’ lives through the products we manufacture and through the partnership we have with our business partners. We also aim to make good quality products for the global market and constantly innovating and adapting to new business trends and strategy.

Our factory is made efficient through our innovative system and iSmart factory methodologies.

We shape your ideas via innovation and quality management.


Our Values

Core Values

Our Mission 2020

Our Innovation


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Core Values

In Meiban, we are driven by the following core values:

• We create maximum value at the highest level of quality with the highest integrity.

• We commit to excellence and strive to be a cost leader in our field.

• We protect our customers’ intellectual property, as if they are our own.

• We care and communicate openly with all our customers, building trust and goodwill.


Our Mission 2020

• To be the Partner of Choice

• To build a United Leadership

• To build a Technically Strong Team

• To build Cashflow & Profitability

• To build Innovation & Intellectual Property

• To build an Innovative & Smart Factory

Our Innovation

In Meiban we believe in innovation and creativity. We want our staff to constantly find new and better ways of working. We aim to be problem solvers via innovative methods.

Meiban has an Innovation Award to cultivate and encourage innovation in our company. We want staff to explore new ideas in the factory floor, giving value to our processes which will result in cost savings and increase productivity.

Promoting and nurturing an innovative culture allows staff to be bold to share any idea and showcase innovative approaches with one another; and at the same time, be rewarded for new and innovative ideas.